Recycled Water Permits Approved By State

By Staff Reports

(Barstow)– — A 20-year effort launched by the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority, it’s supporting member agencies, and the Mojave Water Agency to bring the vital resource of recycled water to the High Desert culminated Thursday in the approval of state permits to operate two highly anticipated facilities.

The Town of Apple Valley and City of Hesperia Water Reclamation and Reuse facilities received approval and waste discharge requirement permits Thursday. The projects could go to bid as early as March according to General Manager Logan Olds.

The Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board unanimously approved the permits Thursday, marking one of the last steps before construction can start on the two facilities that will bring a reliable and sustainable source of water to the arid Victor Valley.

“This is great news and will provide significant benefit to our community and the region. The ability of VVWRA to provide reclaimed water for irrigation of park land and other public purposes will lower municipal operating costs and contribute to our water conservation goals,” said Frank Robinson, Apple Valley’s Town Manager.

The two proposed facilities will ultimately be able to provide the area with 8,960 Acre-ft of recycled water per year — enough to offset potable water use sufficient to provide water to 179,200 households. The recycled water produced by the plants will be used for irrigation purposes throughout the Victor Valley.

“This is excellent news. Approval of the waste discharge permits is a major milestone in the progress of Hesperia’s subregional treatment plant. The subregional will be a huge benefit to the entire region by allowing us to use recycled water to irrigate existing and future developments in the City,” said Mike Podegracz, Hesperia’s City Manager. “This, in turn, helps extend the availability of potable water resources in our region, which are in very limited supply. The City of Hesperia couldn’t be happier with this news.”

VVWRA General Manager Logan Olds echoed the excitement explaining that the new facilities will provide increased sewer capacity for sustainable economic growth for years to come.

“The subregional treatment plants have been a priority project in the Mojave Water Agency’s (MWA) Integrated Regional Water Management Plan for the better part of a decade.  Recently, the plants were unanimously voted as the plan’s highest priority capital projects for the region encompassing the Victor Valley by the MWA’s Technical Advisory Committee(TAC).  These treatment plants will help protect groundwater water quality and also keep the water local which is good for long term water supplies,” said Lance Eckhart, MWA’s Principal Hydrologist.

The Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority is an independent agency that is equally governed by leaders from its member agencies, which include Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville, Oro Grande and Spring Valley Lake.

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