Snow surrounds the Victor Valley

Photo By Isabelle Romo

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–High Desert residents woke up this week to the first official snow fall of 2013. The snow levels ranged from a light dusting to being to the level of needing to dig out the tires in order to get out of the drive way. We asked a few residents in various cities about their snow experience, as well as for some of their own photos of their personal winter wonderland.

“I love it! Kids aren’t too thrilled…” laughed Jaklyn Abrahamson Tully of Hesperia, who’s pictures show how parts of Hesperia looked with the storm. Apple Valley, however, was treated to far more than than neighboring cities as one resident showed us.

Photo By Isabelle Romo

“The snow brought out the child in me! I wanted to cuddle up next to a fire and drink hot cocoa!” said Isabelle Romo of Apple Valley. Romo’s pictures showed a much larger snowfall, as no road can even be seen from her front yard.

Photo Jaklyn Abrahamson

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