Tech Talk- Free Quality Computer Programs Do Exist

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville)–Technology is constantly changing, constantly upgrading and let’s be honest: it isn’t cheap. To create a quality piece requires the tools to do so, and those tools can add up really quick. But you don’t have to spend money for quality, especially in regards to computer programs. So, here is a list of the best programs that I have personally used which don’t cost a dime.

First off, I want to talk about an audio program that has worked wonders for me. Audacity is an open source program, and works amazingly. You can isolate noise, mix channels, and output the audio to pretty much any format you need. I have used the program to wonderful results, as it cleaned up the audio in my podcasts and videos. The program is compatible on Windows and Macs, so check it out if you are looking to record and improve your audio needs.

Something on everyone’s mind is security these days, and anti-virus software can be costly. There is no need to pay for protection when such great programs as AVG Anti-Virus Free 2012. Blocking Malware, harmful software, as well as removing it is its chief function, and it excels at it in every way. This program is only available for Windows right now.

Communication is key, and with Skype, it’s key and free. The hands down best, free program for talking person to person over the internet. Skype to Skype calls are free, as is instant messaging. Of course, there are other services that cost, but for talking one on one with someone is free, and the quality is great. This is for use on Windows, Macs and, of course, your mobile smartphone.

Now, one of the most vital program suites to have is Microsoft Office, but the suite isn’t always an option due to the price. A good option to use is the IBM Lotus Symphony. OpenOffice has always been the best free suite, and this suite uses all the experience from OpenOffice to make a simplified version of the programs you love. With a word processor, spreadsheets and presentations tools, it is worth a look to anyone who needs to type up a paper and doesn’t have the Microsoft juggernaut. For use on Windows and Mac.

So there you have it, some excellent programs that will not hurt your wallet. Next time, we will cover the best programs for graphic design: from the best in the business to programs that are free and get the job done.

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