Senator Knight Introduces Resolution Urging Congress & The President To Avert Sequestration Cuts Once And For All

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley) – Senator Steve Knight (R-Antelope Valley) introduced a Senate Joint Resolution to urge the President and Congress to avert federal spending cuts known as “sequestration” on the Senate Floor.

Due to California’s unique combination of geography, cutting edge technological industries, manufacturing capabilities, and federal defense contributions, a cut to the defense budget would dramatically reduce the provision of those services and hurt the already ailing economy in this state.

“Sequestration would not only hurt California, but every state, thus threatening another national economic recession,” said Senator Steve Knight (R-Antelope Valley). “The measure I introduced urges the President and Congress to avert these cuts in order to protect millions of jobs that could potentially be lost in the United States and thousands of jobs lost here in California.”

Instead of taking action on such devastating cuts to our nation’s economy, a long-term bipartisan compromise is needed to protect California and the national economy by providing a balanced and thoughtful budget solution.

“Within my Senate District, I represent a significant share of California’s aerospace industry and it is imperative that we continue to foster policies that are supportive of an industry that is vital to the history, economy, and security of this state and not simply make draconian cuts that will hurt such a robust jobs producer,” concluded Knight.

Senate Joint Resolution 3 awaits referral to the Senate Floor by the Senate Rules Committee likely sometime next week.

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