First 5 San Bernardino Seeks Applicants For Commission

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– – First 5 San Bernardino Children and Families Commission is seeking applicants to serve in the role of Commissioner for the term of 2013-2015. Appointments are “at large” and determined by the County Board of Supervisors.   The Board hopes to fill vacancies immediately to allow the Commission to continue steering early childhood development and school-readiness efforts for children from prenatal stages to age five in San Bernardino County.

The Children and Families Commission of San Bernardino County (First 5 San Bernardino) was established in 1998 by voter-approved Proposition 10, an act to tax 50-cents per pack on cigarettes to fund county childhood development programs that impact the most critical years of a child’s life. Eighty percent of the revenues from the tobacco tax are distributed to County Commissions statewide based upon county birth rate data. County Commissions develop strategic plans for investing the funds using relevant data and with consideration of public input on local needs.

The Commission consists of seven members, one member of the Board of Supervisors, the Assistant Executive Officer for Human Services, the Director of Public Health or Health Officer who serve for the duration of their employment in that position, and 4 remaining members who must be selected from among representatives of persons responsible for management of children’s services, public health services, behavioral health services, social services, educators, local school districts, community-based organizations promoting early childhood development, tobacco or other substance abuse prevention and treatment services, local child care resource agencies, local medical, pediatric, or obstetric associations, and local organizations focusing on prevention or early intervention for families at risk.

For more information on First 5 San Bernardino Commission, visit our website at or contact (909) 386-7706.

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