Catalyst Factor Agency Announces Hispanic Media Outreach Program and Translation Services

By Staff Reports

High Desert, Calif. – Catalyst Factor Agency President Miguel Gonzalez announced today the creation of a new department with the Hesperia-based public relations agency. “We are excited to announce that our agency has made hires that will be dedicated to launching marketing strategies targeting the growing Latino population in the High Desert,” said Gonzalez, who founded the public relations company in 2008. “In addition we are also announcing that we will launch a press release-translation service designed to keep constituents, voters, customers, rate payers, parents and students informed in the High Desert,” Gonzalez added.

Gonzalez added that the ever changing demographics in the High Desert made up his mind on this strategic move. “The percentages of Latinos and Spanish Language speakers in the High Desert keeps on growing and it can no longer be ignored by counties, cities, utility agencies and any other businesses that deal with the public in general, those who do will be left in the past and in the dark on the needs of a big percentage of the constituency.”

For more information of Catalyst’s services and rates, please contact Miguel Gonzalez at (951) 206-6266 or

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