Creative Arts Theater Holds Auditions For Grease On February 20th-23rd

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville)–This February, you can take a chance at being part of a musical sensation right in your own backyard. Creative Arts Theater is holding auditions for the production of the musical Grease in February, with open auditions for anyone at the High Desert Center for the Arts in Victorville.

Coming back to the inaugural production of the Creative Arts Theater back in 2010, Grease brings the romantic, 1950’s musical to the High Desert in time for a production run in April. All the parts are up for grabs, including Danny, the leader of the T-Birds, Sandy, the love interest of the smooth talking Danny, and more. This is a musical production, so be sure to look over the character descriptions to make sure you fit and sound right for the part you are trying out for.

Tim and Cherie Glisson, the well-known couple who have performed theater in the High Desert for years, founded creative Arts Theater in 2010. Their past productions include You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, RENT, Importance of Being Earnest, Wizard of OZ, Into the Woods, and more. For more on the Creative Arts Theater, including upcoming shows, you can visit them online at, or if you have any questions, feel free to email them at

WHAT: Open auditions for the Creative Arts Theater production of the musical, Grease.

WHEN: Audition Dates are Feb 20th: 5:30pm – 9:30pm &

Saturday Feb 23rd: 9:00am – 12:30pm with Possible Callback

WHO: Open roles, anyone can audition.

WHERE: High Desert Center for the Arts-15615 8th St.-Victorville, CA 92392


  • A 16 – 32 bar pop/Broadway style song with Sheet Music in the right key/Karaoke CD/Mp3
  • Theatrical Resume & Headshot (if you’d like to email it to us please email to
  • 50 to 70 word biography to be used in Playbill of Grease (if you’d like to email it to us please email to


DANNY – The leader of the “T-Birds”. Well-built, nice looking, with an air of cool easy-going charm. Strong and confident. Strong pop singer Eb to B.

SANDY – Danny’s love interest. Sweet, wholesome, naïve, cute “Sandra Dee” of the “Gidget” movies. Strong pop singer. Mix/belt voice to D.

RIZZO – Leader of the “Pink Ladies”. Tough, sarcastic and outspoken but vulnerable. Italian, with unconventional good looks. Strong pop singer. Mix/belt voice to C.

FRENCHY – A dreamer. Good natured and dumb. Heavily made-up, fussy about her appearance – particularly her hair. Can’t wait to finish high school so she can be a beautician. Mix/belt voice to B.

MARTY – The “beauty” of the Pink Ladies. Pretty, looks older than the other girls, but betrays her real age when she opens her mouth. Tries to act sophisticated. Strong singer. Mix/belt to Db. (Sings “Freddy My Love”)

JAN – A compulsive eater. Loud, pushy with the girls, but shy with the boys. Strong singer. Mix/belt voice F to C#.

KENICKIE – Second in command of the “T-Birds”. Tough looking, tattooed, surly, avoids any show of softness. Off-beat sense of humor. Strong singer Baritone A to F#.

DOODY – Youngest of the guys. Small, boyish, open, with a disarming smile and a hero worshipping attitude toward the other guys. Plays the guitar. Strong tenor to A with additional falsetto. (Sings “Those Magic Changes”)

ROGER – The “anything for-a-laugh” stocky type. Full of mischief, half-baked schemes and ideas. A clown who enjoys putting other people on. Strong pop singer. Tenor to A. (Sings “Mooning”)

SONNY – Italian-looking, with shiny black hair and dark oily skin. A braggart and wheeler-dealer who thinks he’s a real lady killer. Baritone G to C.

PATTY – A typical cheerleader of a middle class American public school. Attractive and athletic. Aggressive, sure of herself, given to bursts of disconcerting enthusiasm. Catty, but in an all American sort of way. Twirls a baton. Dancer.

CHA-CHA – A “blind date.” Takes pride in being “the best dancer at St. Bernadette.” Strong pop singer and dancer. Mix/belt voice low G to C.

EUGENE – Class valedictorian. Physically awkward, with weak eyes and high-pitched voice. An apple polisher, smug and pompous but gullible. Dancer.

VINCE FONTAINE – Typical “teen audience” radio disc jockey. Slick, egotistical, fast-talking. A veteran “greaser.” Non-singing role.

JOHNNY CASINO – A “greaser” student at Rydell who leads a rock and roll band and likes to think of himself as a real rock “n” roll idol. Baritone G to E (Sings “Born to Hand Jive”)

TEEN ANGEL – Good looking, falsetto voiced, matinee idol type. Singer who would have caused girls to scream and riot back in 1958. Strong pop singer. Tenor E to high E. (Sings “Beauty School Dropout”)

MISS LYNCH – An old maid English teacher. Non-singing role.

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