Three Ideas To Maximize Facebook For Your Business

By Alyssa Penman

High Desert Daily Business Reporter

(Victor Valley)–Positive Ideas for High Desert Business. There is plenty of gloomy updates from traditional media on the state of our economy, but we, as a community, can choose to look for the great things we CAN do, right now, to improve our economic outlook. In a new weekly column, the High Desert Daily is bringing positive news and ideas that may be useful for your High Desert business. We welcome your comments, ideas and questions in the comments and for future columns.

Your Facebook page is an important asset to your company’s brand. Even the smallest businesses are finding it a valuable tool for marketing, customer service, even recruiting. Manage the overwhelming nature of social media by choosing one or two small ideas and build from there. Here are three suggestions to get you going.

1. Use your customized URL everywhere

When you achieve 25 fans or likes on your Facebook page, you can claim your customized URL. For example, my business has claimed This makes it easier to direct people to my page. Plaster that thing everywhere! Business cards, brochures, on your website, in your advertising, in your email signature, on signage in your business or anywhere else you can imagine.

Encourage your staff to point it out to people as well. It lets customers, vendors, and colleagues know that you are at least operating at the basic level expected of businesses today.

2. Respond to posts

If you went to a social event and no one spoke except the speaker, it wouldn’t feel very social, would it? The key is interaction. If you are blessed to have people actually responding to your posts or posting questions and comments of their own, make sure to respond! Some of the biggest companies strive for a 1 to 2 hour response time, which is fine for a business with a dedicated marketing department or social media manager.

For an owner who is running the business, mopping the floors and managing the Facebook page, simply responding several times a week is a good place to start. When people have complaints, handle it in an adult manner. No business is perfect, but if you can demonstrate that you take the complaint seriously and will work to satisfy the customer, your credibility goes through the roof.

If people are just stopping by to say “We love your work!” then at least respond with a “Thank you!” It’s just good manners.

3. Increase fan engagement with a charity giveaway

Ok, this is a very specific tip, but I really like it. Even though I’m sure you are creating stellar content and your fans are compelled to read every word you write, sometimes you need a little incentive to get them to share your page with their friends. A charity giveaway is a welcome alternative to the ubiquitous “We will give away X when we reach Z fans!” One medical practice donated a dollar for every Facebook check-in in their office.

American Express donated money on behalf of their Small Business Saturday page to drive ‘likes’. Pick a charity that is aligned with your industry or located in your region, set a donation limit and start spreading the word. Make sure to inform the charity so they can help you promote it.

How have you used Facebook to further your business goals? What ideas do you have that you would like to try?

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Alyssa Penman is the owner of a local small business, – Victorville, CA.

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