An Evening Affair To Remember

By Ashka Patel

(Victor Valley)–First and Foremost the Evening consisted of many Restaurants, Brewers, and Dessert Shops. Some of the best appetizers were available. It was an immensely unique event to see local business owners and professionals in the High Desert in a social setting. The casual networking was a new experience.

The dining experience was a little different this year as some areas had a European Café Setting. Vendors served and attendees gathered around to listen to the several bands in each section of the mall or mingled with other business associates.  The overall ambiance was great. The Vendors were very gracious and hospitable towards attendees. Reflections Catering went around the crowd and served their hor dourves and chocolate covered Crème Puffs. Reflections Catering had at least ten verities of appetizers and desserts.

Several business owners are anxious to do this event each year. Such as Oggi’s who stated, “Every Year we do this for charity and Exposure”.  Several Varieties of Alcoholic beverages were served including but not limited to Red Wine, White Wine, Merlot, Shiraz, Madeira, Chardonnay, Chianti,  Napa Valley Merlot Wines, La Braccesca Vino Nobile and draft Beer. Stella Artois served the Best Belgium Draft Beer in their class vintage champagne cups. Attendee Sara Trighton stated, “The atmosphere was both calming and exciting, the vendors were hospitable, the food was exquisite and the drinks were excellent”. Arlene from the The Wine Seller stated, “We’ve been showcasing at the event since 2009 and enjoy more and more each year.”

Wild Willie’s Smokehouse did an extraordinary job by providing a full southern style dinner.  Bodacious Bundts had a large variety of Cakes. The Strawberry cake with fresh strawberries with Vanilla frosting was a delicacy. Baby Bundt cakes were also included in the presentation. Simply Cake, Hesperia, Ca had a large variety of desserts with Lime Pistachio Macaroons, Ganaches, Lemon Dimples, Raspberry Lemon Dimples,  Chocolate Decadence, Pecan Rolls, and Coney Cakes. Mimi’s Café served their full desert menu including but not limited to their Signature trio of petite desserts including Mimi’s Bread Pudding, Fresh Apple Cinnamon Crisp and a Triple Chocolate Brownie Sundae served à la mod. Apple Valley Catering even served Quiches. Oggi’s served Parmesan Bread and Alfredo Pasta. The drink’s booth had unlimited alcoholic beverages, sodas, and water. Starbuck’s served their signature coffee for attendees which were a comfort after the delicious food.

Glass Majik had ornate hand crafted items available on display. Home Desert Carvers had many different crafts on display. The Evening transitioned quite well with The Crossroads Band and Kenny C Quartet playing at different venues. Mike Rothschild stated “The annual affair at the mall always fun and a way for locals business and friends to get together socially and talk about the past and how the next year looks for families and business.  A little local politics might be there too.  Entertainment and food from local businesses extra special.”  Mayor Pro Team, Ryan McEachron stated, “Always an enjoyable time.  Good food, good spirits and good friends.”

An Evening Affaire was a great event that supports and establishes the local businesses in the High Desert. It was a great event to showcase the many businesses. The overall ambiance, attentive staff, and gracious businesses were just the icing on the cake. The event was also about unity in our local business community and together anything is possible.

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