The High Desert Economic Summit Returns April 10th


By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville)–This April, Victor Valley College will once again be the home to the 15th Annual High Desert Economic Summit, which sheds light on the community’s economic environment and trends.

The High Desert Economic Summit helps to demystify the economic backdrop of the High Desert, with guests speakers that are experts in the their respected fields. Ginger Ontiveros, the Executive Director of the Victor Valley College Foundation, spoke to High Desert Daily about what the summit brings to the High Desert, and whom it is brining as speakers for 2013.

“ The Economic Summit has been delivering quality economic data about the trends that shape this community for the past 15 years; this is the 15th annual,” said Ontiveros in a phone interview earlier this week. “It provides investors, business owners, corporate managers, and policy makers with a pulse on the High Desert economy. It equips them with the kind of answers they need to some really solid planning for the coming year. In that way, we expect it’s helping strengthen our business community.”

Speakers for the event all touch on various aspects of economics: from international economics to economics centered around our very own community, as well as real estate, aviation, manufacturing, the health care landscape, and more. Ontiveros spoke about a few of the speakers, and what they bring to the April summit. “There are three primary speakers, one of which will be speaking about national and international economics. His name is Jeffrey Cleveland and he is with the Los Angeles based investment firm Payden & Rygel, he’s their Senior Economist, and he’s a very dynamic speaker. Sometimes, you think of economist and you might think that they might be boring? Not boring. In fact, all of our speakers are incredibly dynamic speakers. The final speaker of the day is Dr. John Husing, he is fascinating as well, he is speaking specifically about the High Desert economy, and embedded in his presentation will be mini presentations from four different industry leaders in the High Desert.”

The price for admission is $75 a person, but the profit made from the event goes to benefit two great organizations in the High Desert, as Ontiveros informed us about the connection the event has to both the Victor Valley College Foundation as well as the American Red Cross. “It also benefits the Victor Valley College Foundation, which allows the college to serve the community better, providing more educational opportunities for High Desert residents so that they are more prepared for the workforce locally. It also supports the American Red Cross and their disaster preparedness and disaster relief efforts in the region. The profit from the event is shared between the two organizations.”

Collaboration between various organizations and cities, the summit brings the community together with a common interest in economics. Frank Robinson, Town Manager of Apple Valley, gave us his thoughts on the event via email, “It is refreshing to be working with our neighboring cities in such a productive partnership. The High Desert Economic Summit will be a showcase for our efforts and I believe our community stakeholders will be quite encouraged.”

For more information and to register online, visit the High Desert Economic Summit website at

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