Home Depot Plant Sale

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–The Home Depot and the Alliance for Water Awareness and Conservation (AWAC) are hosting the High Desert Garden Friendly Plant Sale at three High Desert stores on Saturday, March 16.  Find great values on plants that survive and thrive in the High Desert climate at the Home Depot stores in Apple Valley, Barstow, and North Victorville at Roy Rogers Drive. There will also be members from AWAC, representatives of local water districts, along with irrigation specialists, and information on beautiful, low water using landscapes.

Many High Desert residents have taken part in the Cash for Grass Program, a rebate for removing grass and replacing it with desert-smart plants.  If a homeowner has a living and maintained lawn that they would like to remove and replace with lower water using alternatives, they may be eligible for a fifty-cent ($0.50) per square foot rebate for their landscape project.  For more information on the Cash for Grass Program, talk to your local water district representative and find out about program eligibility.

Look for the High Desert Garden Friendly logo sticker on sale plants that are water-efficient and desert-smart alternatives for your garden.

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