Mojave Flick Review: Jack The Giant Slayer

Editor’s note: We all love movies, but rather than ask a syndicated columnist who has never visited our beautiful High Desert, we commissioned our own local movie critic: Nolan P. Smith to review films and give us a local perspective. Enjoy!

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By Jason T. Smith

(Hesperia) –Fee, Fye, Foe, Fun! Giant fun! That’s what’s in store for you when you check out Warner Bros. latest motion picture “Jack The Giant Slayer”. This is Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures take on the classic fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk which many of us remember hearing as kids. And boy did they hit a home run with this one.

The film puts the unlikely hero, Jack, (played by Nicholas Hoult) up against some pretty nasty giants when he accidentally lets one of the magic beans get wet, thus causing it to instantaneously sprout into a massive beanstalk that towers to the heavens and creates a means of passage for mythical giants to come down to earth and wreak havoc. Now Jack, alongside the brave knight Elmont (Ewan McGregor) must endure perilous dangers as they climb the huge beanstalk to a land only thought to exist in myth to save a princess (Elinor Tomlinson) who has fallen in to the clutches of the giants.

This film has it all: outstanding performances by the cast as well as breathtaking special effects. The mythical landscapes of the lost giant world are absolutely spectacular. Plus, the giants; Wow! It is amazing how CG and motion capture can be so lifelike. Everything from the giant’s facial expressions to their lumbering movements, it was stunning to watch and a little frightening at times. Especially in a particular scene where the horde of giants is coming through the forest and the first thing we saw is the trees collapsing then…Giants! Lots of them.

Jack the Giant Slayer definitely gets two thumbs up from me. It’s definitely worth checking out. Twice in my case. But parents be cautious if you’re thinking of taking small children to see it. Giants tend to snack on humans on more than one occasion in this film. Wouldn’t want any of them to have nightmares.

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