Warning Signs Of Alcohol Abuse And How It’s Happening In The Mommy And Women Community

By Becka Sanchez

Special to High Desert Daily

(Victor Valley)–Alcohol abuse is a serious issue, and it can affect so many areas of a person’s life. Now, people are starting to see this dangerous condition occur more and more in the mommy community. What are some signs for which you can look in these individuals or in yourself?

Problems at Work

In the past, women were not as associated with the workplace as are men; however, this stereotype has certainly changed. As a result of the change, alcohol abuse now has the potential to interfere with a woman’s work life. Possible signs of alcohol abuse could include suddenly showing up to work late all of the time, not completing tasks in a decent amount of time and seeming “out of it” on a regular basis.

Neglecting School Obligations

Maybe you know a mom who was always there for every PTA meeting and who never missed any school functions. Recently, you’ve been noticing that she is not there as much, and when she is there, she seems to be in a fog or a daze. She is still trying to show that she is able to be a part of the school community, but the alcohol abuse is beginning to take over. Whether it is due to all of the time she has at home or other factors, this is a serious problem.

The Physical Signs

If you smell alcohol on someone’s breath or clothes, this is often a sign that alcoholism is becoming a problem. An individual who consumes a lot of alcohol might start to lose or gain weight, and the person may begin to look tired and drained as well. In some women, their menstrual cycles might become very different from what they were used to. In extreme cases of alcohol abuse, a person could start to go into withdrawal if she has not had the amount of alcohol she’s deemed necessary. Signs of such a withdrawal can include nausea, shaking and sweating.

Help for Women

Noticing these signs in a family member or friend means that you need to have a conversation with the person about possible options for help. It can be even hard to recognize these symptoms in your own being, but it is a necessary part of recovery. So many groups exist that are made exclusively for a woman’s needs. You do not necessarily have to be with an in-patient program, but this assessment really depends on you and your personal situation. Meeting with other women who are experiencing the same issues will show that you are not alone, and it has the ability to make you feel a sense of strength and community.

In day’s gone by, a lot of people did not think of alcoholism as an issue that women really experienced. Instead, they assumed that it was a condition of men. Well, the situation has certainly changed, and alcoholism is making a presence in the mommy and women community. Therefore, it is very important to know the signs of such abuse.

Becka Sanchez writes about health, recovery and education. Her most well-known work is about the Top Counseling Schools in the US.

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