Air District Grant Supports Sheriff Bike Patrol

Eldon Heaston, Executive Director, MDAQMD; Deputy Dana Weinberg, SBCO Sheriff; Angela Valles, MDAQMD Governing Board Alternate/City of Victorville Councilmember; and Deputy Chief Dave Williams, SBCO County Sheriff.

Bicycles to Patrol Spring Valley Lake and Silver Lakes Communities

(Victorville)-– A grant from the local air quality management district will soon allow police officers to more effectively patrol the communities of Spring Valley Lake and Silver Lakes while reducing vehicle emissions and improving air quality.

The Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District provided grant funding of $5,000 for the purchase of four new bicycles through its Mobile Source Emission Reduction Program. Funding for this program was established through AB 2766 which allows for a $4 motor vehicle registration fee for programs that reduce air pollution from motor vehicles.

Representatives from the MDAQMD and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department convened on April 4 outside the Victor Valley Station in Adelanto to view the new equipment. The MDAQMD provided funding for the bicycles, while additional funds from the two unincorporated communities paid for an enclosed trailer used to transport the bicycles. The trailer will double as a mobile booking station and maintenance facility for the bicycles. The patrol bicycles are equipped with lights, safety equipment and a siren.

According to MDAQMD Executive Director Eldon Heaston, “The MDAQMD was pleased to offer funding to the Sheriff’s Department for this valuable program. Having the bicycles on patrol is a winwin for both agencies. Officers become more visible in their communities and air quality is improved through reduced patrol vehicle emissions.”

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