Steampunk Comes To The Desert With Calico’s Wild West Fest This April

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(High Desert)– This April, Calico Ghost Town goes Steampunk with the Wild West Fest. With a quick draw competition, fashion show, and a special concert, the desert is invited to a slice of the Steampunk culture.

On April 27th, the legendary Calico Ghost Town becomes the home of the Wild West Fest, an event celebrating the ever-growing Steampunk culture. Noele Wayne, Special Events Coordinator at Calico, spoke with High Desert Daily over the Internet and enlightened us on what the upcoming event has in store. “The Wild West Fest is an inaugural event, the first of its kind here at Calico. I am really excited to introduce Steampunk into the Old West atmosphere, as Calico is an ideal location for a festival of this kind. We are having guests come from as far as Arizona which is a testament to the strength of this ‘sub culture’ if you will.”

So what exactly is Steampunk? “The dictionary definition of Steampunk is- a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring advanced machines and other technology based on steam power of the 19th century and taking place in a recognizable historical period or a fantasy world,” said Wayne as she helped to define the genre for those who may not know what it is. “With Calico Ghost Town being a historical landmark it made a lot of sense for me to create an event that we could have here that caters to this unique community and hopefully we will win over some new people as return customers to Calico. I think the community will be happily surprised and excited by the emergence of this genre into our area to help boost the local economy and all things going well we hope to continue this event in the years to come.”

The event will feature quick draw competitions, hot air balloon rides, and a special performance by the popular Steampunk musical act, Steam Powered Giraffe. The League of S.T.E.A.M. will also be in attendance, as will various vendors and panelists. “The steampunk community is wide and varied, with participants from every walk of life, every corner of the globe, and every level of interest, exposure and experience,” Wayne said on the popularity of Steampunk and it’s appeal to the masses. “2014 brings a steam punk TV series to the masses called Lantern City and retailers are beginning to carry clothing and items specific to this genre, while Forbes and Huffington Post praise this movement as the next big thing. We will have everything Calico is known and loved for like gunfights and characters to a musical pantomime troupe of singing robots and hot air balloon rides!”

The Wild West Fest also has a current campaign up on Kickstarter to help fund the decorations for the town in order to make it the best event it can possibly be. For more information on the Wild West Fest, visit them online at!wild-west-fest-2013/cieu and to check out the Kickstarter campaign, head over to

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