Local Stimulus Program Concludes

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–In 2009, SANBAG was awarded $128 Million in Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds, or “Federal Stimulus Funds,” for the I-215 Widening Project through San Bernardino.  Subsequently, the SANBAG Board of Directors created a “Local Stimulus Program” in the amount of $31.4 Million to be distributed to the city and county jurisdictions, based on a per capita basis, with no agency to receive less than $300,000. Cities and county areas each determined the best projects to fund in their cities or county areas.

With the cooperation of the staff of the member jurisdictions, the program has successfully achieved its goals, which were:   to provide additional funds for local roadway rehabilitation and reconstruction; to stimulate the economy through job creation; to increase capacity, mobility, and safety; and to match other available funding sources.

Local Stimulus Program Accomplishments

· Total Number of Projects                                                                      101

· Total Actual Jobs Created                                                                1,197

· Approx. Lane Miles Added                                                                     11

· Approx. Lane Miles Rehabilitated                                                  221

· Approx. Linear Feet of Sidewalks Added                                2,957

· Approx. Linear Feet of Sidewalks Repaired                      19,407

· Number of Signals Added                                                                          6

· Roadway Safety Projects                                                                          5

· Number of Bus Shelters Added                                                             6

“We are pleased that these funds could be distributed among the 24 cities and county areas in San Bernardino County,” stated SANBAG Executive Director Ray Wolfe.  “Since we received federal stimulus funds for the major I-215 Widening project, this was our way to give every city the opportunity to benefit from the stimulus program.”

All cities and county areas have now designated their projects within this program.  On the following page is a list of the funds distributed to each city and county area:

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