National Day Of Prayer To Be Observed In Apple Valley

By Staff Reports

National Day of Prayer to be observed in Apple Valley

(Apple Valley)– Town of Apple Valley residents and neighbors will come together as a community in prayer and silence at noon on May 2, 2013. Hosted by Apple Valley Faith Center and Church for Whosoever, the public is invited to join a consortium of church leaders at the flag pole outside Town Hall, 14955 Dale Evans Parkway.

An evening service at Church for Whosoever at 18628 Seneca Road in Apple Valley will be facilitated at 7 p.m. by Pastor Royce Beserra.

The National Day of Prayer was instituted in 1952 by Harry Truman and set as the first Thursday of May in 1988 by Ronald Regan and both houses of Congress. Across the nation, communities gather and offer prayers and support for government leaders, families, youth, churches and ministry organizations, the imprisoned and persecuted, mass media, cultural and social services as well as in recognition of personal renewal and moral awakening.

For more information contact Pastor Doris Eddy at Apple Valley Faith Church at (760) 247-2933 x 7071.

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