The San Bernardino County Fair Brings Fun, Food, Art And More

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville)– Starting on May 25th and running through June 2nd, the San Bernardino County Fair will once again come to Victorville at the High Desert Event Center. With animals, rides, art, music and more, the fair has something for everyone in the family.

This year is a special year, with a theme of “Get Your Kicks at Fair 66”, as it marks the 66th anniversary of the fair. Located off of the historic Route 66, the fair brings with it nine days of fun, education, and opportunity. Ken Alstott, Chief Executive Officer for the 28th District Agricultural Association, spoke about this historic anniversary. “Well, it’s our 66th year, and we’re on Route 66, the fair is on a historic road, hence the theme for this year. Some new things this year is a program called “They Earned the Grade, Now Help Them Display”. It’s a program that one of the staff members came up with: they went out to local school teachers and saw projects the kids were doing in their classes. We allowed them to pick the winners and the winners are going to be displayed here at the fair. This program increased numbers by over 1,200 this year, so it was a huge success. “

With musical guests including Night Ranger and Smash Mouth gracing the stage, the concert series looks to deliver once again. Magic shows, clowns, hypnotists, and turkeys: everything you love about the fair is coming back for nine days. One of the highlights of the event is always the art, and this year is no different. Jan Terry, Manager of the Adult Fine Art department at the fair, spoke about the excitement as the fair grows closer. Terry has been volunteering with the fair for 15 years, and her face still lights up when talking about the featured art.

“Every year I am just hungry and excited to get to share all the beautiful art with the public as they come through, and of course to meet and rub elbows with all the artists. We gather here at this yellow table all nine days of the fair and we sit, and it’s like a potluck. Everybody brings something that they want critiqued or help with, and we share our ideas. It’s a wonderful experience for a beginner just getting their feet wet because they will be sitting with professionals and judges as well as other beginners. Everyone is welcomed to join us.”

With sculptures, paintings, photography and more from people of all ages, the artwork showcased needs to be seen in person to truly be appreciated. From five-foot giraffes to massive suits of armor, as well as a stunning metal eagle, the talent on display is limitless.

Presale tickets are available now for only five dollars at the fair’s website. Also online, you can buy wristbands for rides, tickets for concerts as well as sporting events. Visit the San Bernardino County Fair online at

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