Senator Knight Asks For State Chloride Level Compliance Deadline Extension

By Staff Reports

(High Desert)–Senator Steve Knight (R-Antelope Valley) has sent a letter to the Regional Water Quality Control Board asking for the Compliance and Interim Limits deadline to be extended to September of 2019.

This issue has a long and complicated history in the Santa Clarita Valley and the compliance measures outlined in the draft EIR will negatively impact local ratepayers. It is important that the state, county and city work together to find an effective and affordable solution to reducing chloride levels in the Santa Clara River. The current deadline of May 4, 2015 does not provide enough time to develop a solution that meets these qualifications.

“The City of Santa Clarita has already done a great deal to lower chloride levels in an effort to meet the State standards,” said Senator Knight, “But we’re not done yet. My goal is to find a cost effective solution that does not overload the already over-taxed ratepayer.”

With the recent letter sent to the Quality Control Board, Senator Knight is confident that if an extension is granted to both the State chloride standards compliance deadline and the interim limits set to monitor progress towards this goal, then the most affordable and effective solution will be found.

If constituents have comments or concerns about what Senator Knight has been doing regarding the chloride issue in the Santa Clarita Valley, please call the Santa Clarita Valley district office at 661-286-1471.

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