Taylion High Desert Academy Readies for 2013-2014 Academic Year Opening With New Facilities

By Nolan Smith and Miguel Gonzalez

Staff Reporters

(High Desert)–In anticipation of its inaugural opening in the High Desert, K-12 charter school Taylion High Desert Academy is pleased to announce the opening of two state-of-the-art facilities located in Victorville and Adelanto.

THDA provides students a holistic learning environment that prepares them for the 21st century academically, physically and mentally. THDA’s philosophy is that all students can succeed if they learn to believe in themselves.  “Our philosophy is to inspire confidence in a child and believe that we can make a significant impact with each child by empowering all students to understand themselves as individuals,” THDA Executive Director, Danielle Moore said.

The opening of these two locations will offer three distinct components designed to ensure that students will have multiple ways of learning. “The school offers three separate components: there is a home school component, an independent study component, and a computer component,” said Vicki McFarland-Academic Director for THDA. The three components are used in unison, fulfilling a student’s needs based off of their individual strengths and learning methods.

The benefits of attending THDA are: individualized learning, credit recovery and/or credit acceleration, higher parent involvement, greater flexibility in instructional delivery methods, state of the art learning management system, and greater access to new educational resources.

“We’re very excited about it, we feel like we are going to be able to offer a blended learning solution which is state of the art, but we are very proud of our independent study option as well,” said Timothy A. Smith, President of the school’s parent company, Learning Matters Educational Group. “We feel that we are going to be able to serve our student’s in the High Desert area very well with highly qualified teachers, dynamic teachers that are going to be able to personalize instruction for each child.”

Curriculum Director Stephanie Laferriere explained that there is currently no waiting list to enroll in the school, although demand is increasing by the day. “Space is limited and we serve the public on a first come, first served basis. This is why we would like to encourage all parents to call us for an appointment.”

Taylion High Desert Academy recognizes the important role that parents play in a child’s education. We collaborate with parents to help students throughout their education, and give parents a direct say in their child’s education through regular parent-teacher meetings, a parent advisory council, parenting classes (which help parents learn new strategies on how to best help their child).

There are also free classes that are available to parents who wish to further their understanding of gangs, bullying, violence, and drug and alcohol abuse prevention. In addition, parents are welcome to take advantage of the mental-health counselors.

Though being new to the High Desert, the school is no stranger to the world of education. The Taylion Virtual Academy of San Bernardino grew to over 700 students in a very short time, and now the school aims to assist students in the same way here in the High Desert, as Mr. Smith explained, “We have served students in other communities and we feel that the High Desert is a community that has a need that has not been served, and we are willing to serve that need. We feel that there are certainly a lot of great schools in the community, and we don’t think we are replacing any other school, we are just trying to be an option for students who may not be having success in their current school system.

For more information on Taylion High Desert Academy, make sure to visit them online at www.taylionhighdesert.com

Features for THDA Main campus site:

Address: 17738 Nevada Ave. Victorville CA 92394

Site offers:

-Home School

-Virtual School

-Independent Study

-Physical Education

-Park Days

-Public Events

-20+ computer lab

-Career Development

-Life Planning


-Enrichment classes

-Small Group Instruction

-Access to FREE Marriage and Family Therapists

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