The Victor Valley Chamber of Commerce Celebrates 100 Years

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville) On Friday evening, community leaders, supporters, and residents gathered together to celebrate an amazing milestone for the High Desert.  At the Fireside Grill and Event Center on the Green Tree Golf Course in Victorville, the 100 Year Celebration of the Victor Valley Chamber of Commerce took place with a packed house with smiles and memories all around.

Leaders from across not only the High Desert, but also California in general gathered to celebrate the historic 100-year anniversary for the Victor Valley Chamber of Commerce. Founded in 1913 by developer Arthur Hull, the chamber was founded even before Victorville was an official town or city: back when it was merely a train stop. Since then, Victorville has become the key to the High Desert, with over 80 community leaders holding the position as President or Board Chairs during that time.

“For us, it memorializes a hundred years of growth in the business community and the market and promoting the region,” said David Greiner, Chairman of the Board for the Victor Valley Chamber while at the event. “Arthur Hull founded the chamber in 1913 with a few like minded people, and this is kind of just the kick off of our party. We’re going to do 100 Days of Giveaways to our members, and then it will culminate our famous Kemper Campbell Ranch Mixer we do every year.”

With smooth piano notes creating the ambiance, the event center quickly filled up, as everyone wanted to take part in this memorable celebration. Laughs were heard, the aroma of kabobs filled the air, and teal, white and blue cakes and cupcakes adorned the event. A chamber can only celebrate 100 years once, and this celebration certainly celebrated in grand fashion.

“I think it’s a great day, when you celebrate 100 years and the accomplishments this chamber has done throughout these years,” said Rudy Cabriales, former City Council member for the City of Victorville.  “They are really a hub for the business community for not only Victorville, but in my opinion for the High Desert also. Congratulations to the chamber on their 100-year anniversary and I know they will continue to do a good job at it and they will go on for many, many more years.”

For more information on the Victor Valley Chamber of Commerce, visit them online at

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