Apple Valley Golf Course Announces New Food And Beverage Operator

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)- Enter the Apple Valley Golf Course today and you may be greeted by the aroma of barbecue pulled pork, tri-tip and homemade onion rings, as a new restaurant operator takes over the kitchen.

A group of partners led by Chet Hitt and Kan Loi have entered an interim agreement to operate the restaurant for up to 12 months, while a long-term lease is negotiated.

Hitt is the owner of Wild Willie’s Smokehouse, a barbecue restaurant that served the Apple Valley Airport until recently. Loi owns the China Palace restaurant in Hesperia. The partnership was the only group to respond to the Request for Proposal the Town sent out earlier this year for a new food and beverage operator.

“Breakfast and lunch will be served seven days a week, with a high quality, upscale dinner service to be added soon,” said Dennis Cron, Assistant Town Manager. “The food will include favorites from the Wild Willie’s menu, but be expanded to include new creations and daily special menu selections.”

Breakfast and lunch services begin today. Dinner service will begin in the near future, once the liquor license has been properly transferred through the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control.

The announcement is good news for service clubs and other groups that meet at the clubhouse. Some remodeling will occur, but Hitt plans to structure the work so as not to impact groups like the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club of Apple Valley and other service clubs that meet at the clubhouse on a regular basis, should they choose to stay. The organizations were originally told the clubhouse could be shut down for renovations for as long as three months beginning June 30.

“The ultimate goal is to provide great food, good customer service and restore our ties to the rich history of this place,” said Hitt. “We are also looking forward to creating opportunities for jobs – the more people working, the more people spend money, the more it benefits our community.”

For more information, please call (760) 594 8869

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