County Fleet Management Ranked 15th Best In The Nation

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– The County’s Fleet Management Department ranked 15th in the nation by the 100 Best Fleets program, a government fleet industry group.

The ranking marks the fourth time the Fleet Management Department reached the top 20. The department has ranked in the Top 100 fleets with every submission. There are more than 38,000 public fleets in North America and this year 1,900 fleets were invited to apply.

“I am proud our Fleet Management Department continues to be recognized as one of the most advanced and efficient fleets in the nation,” said Roger Weaver, Director of Fleet Management. “Congratulations to the entire department for what they do to improve our vehicles and equipment, save taxpayer dollars, and make San Bernardino County a better place to live.”

The 100 Best Fleets program ranks fleets on a variety of factors including the use of technology and information, evidence of high-trust culture, performance recognition, collaboration, creativity, staff development, quick and efficient turnaround and competitive pricing.

“The employees of Fleet Management are to be commended for exercising prudent cost saving measures, and providing excellent customer service,” said the County’s Chief Executive Officer, Gregory C. Devereaux. “They are outstanding at what they do.”

In addition, the Fleet Management Department completed the Certified Fleet Management Operation certification program conducted by the Government Fleet Management Alliance. On June 12, the department was awarded their certification.

The Certified Fleet Management Operation certification benchmarks government fleet practices against private-sector companies. The testing process consists of 20 categories. The certification process gave Weaver’s department a chance to take an overall look at operations and use it as a checklist to make improvements, he said.

Weaver was also nominated as fleet manager of the year in Government Fleet Magazine’s peer-judged contest.

The Fleet Management Department operates on a budget of $30 million a year. There are 5,600 vehicles in the county’s fleet. Of those vehicles, about 1,500 belong to the Sheriff’s Department and 700 are in County Fire. County vehicles drive more than 28 million miles a year.

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