Lake Gregory Dredging Project Completed In Time For Fourth Of July Weekend

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– On Friday, June 21, the County completed removing 13,000 cubic yards of dirt dredged from the north parking lot of the Lake Gregory Swim Beach just in time for the Fourth of July weekend. The dredging project improved the water quality for local residents and visitors.

There have been some misconceptions about the dredging project and dirt removal at Lake Gregory. Some published reports indicated there was a glitch in the County’s contract with the company that dredged the lake, but those reports are inaccurate.

The contractor hired by the County provided a $52,000 bid to dredge the lake of what was estimated to be 10,000 cubic yards of material, both above and below the waterline. A separate bid for hauling the dirt away at a cost of more than $120,000 was submitted at the same time.

While the dirt was being dredged by the contractor, the County explored a plan to haul the dirt to Heaps Peak Transfer Station in Running Springs for a project there, but the timing did not work out. In the meantime, the County was asked by local residents, public agencies and contractors if they could take some of the dirt that was piled up in the north parking lot.

“At that time, it was worth seeing how much material would be taken,” said Jeff Rigney, director of the Special Districts Department, which managed the project on behalf of Regional Parks. “People really wanted the material and everybody saved money.”

In the end, approximately 13,000 cubic yards of dirt was removed from the swim area of Lake Gregory. Members of the public, contractors and public agencies took over 8,000 cubic yards of free dirt from the north parking lot for their own projects. In all, more than 43 different agencies, citizens and contractors picked up dirt for free, saving the County about $90,000 in hauling fees.

Additionally, Thousand Pines Christian Camp in Crestline agreed to take the remaining 5,000 cubic yards of dirt from the parking lot and store it on their property. This will save the County additional money because the County won’t have to purchase as much dirt for a future project to repair the dam at Lake Gregory.

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