Mojave Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Public Meetings

By Janice Eck

(Victor Valley)– The Regional Water Management Group invites the High Desert community to the Mojave Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWM Plan). The Regional Water Management Group comprises of the Mojave Water Agency, Technical Advisory Committee, Mojave Desert Resource Conservations District, Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority, and the Morongo Basin Pipeline Commission. Since most of the water companies in the High Desert belong to one of these agencies, it would be beneficial to attend the meeting held at Victorville City Hall, Conference Room D, on Thursday, June 6 at 6:30 p.m.

The purpose of the IRWM Plan is to get the public’s input. As Tim Gobler, Water Resources Plan Analyst, said in an interview, “We will be asking the public things like, ‘what kind of concerns do you have about water in your area?’ and that could be any kind of concern: water quality, price, is there enough water available, it depends on the particular community. We’ll be asking community members for feedback on what their concerns and issues are and then if they do have any particular projects or needs that they have an interest in, we would ask them for that information as well.”

The last forum for the IRWM Plan was held in 2004 and is updated every 10 years. As a result from the 2004 Plan, $170 million dollars in state, federal, and local money was invested in various water management projects such as the Regional Recharge and Recovery Project (R3), the Deep Creek and Oro Grande Groundwater Recharge sites and water conservation programs such as “Cash for Grass” and replacement programs for toilets and washing machines, to name a few major accomplishments.

Anyone who is concerned or wants to propose an idea for the High Desert community’s water is encouraged to attend the IRWM Plan. According to Gobler, “It’s a stakeholder-driven plan that wants to look at managing all aspects of water resources in the region.”

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