Sweetness & Substance

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)–¬†Sweetness and Substance is a real estate campaign, launched this week by REALTORS Kari Martinez and Christy Pinkerton of HomeSource. Canvassing neighborhoods, Kari and Christy will be delivering complimentary pies to homeowners (the Sweet), along with real estate market reports customized to that home and neighborhood (the Substance), including information on neighborhood sales, schools, foreclosures, average price per square foot, what is coming up for sale in the area and more.

Combining market knowledge with a slice of sweetness will provide information so that their clients can make informed decisions when it comes to buying or selling a home. Kari and Christy take a unique approach to marketing and positioning a property for sale to allow the seller to achieve their goals while securing a buyer quickly Currently, a home in the Victor Valley is on the market for an average of 57 days. However, through their customized marketing and positioning plan, their clients homes are on the market for an average of only15 days while achieving maximum value.

Look for a new pie recipe to be posted each month on their Facebook page, along with updates on the real estate market and photos of newly listed homes. Bakers are invited to submit their pie recipes to wesweetenthedeal@gmail.com.

You can put a fork in that..

Contact Kari or Christy if you would like a free market report. Follow them on Facebook at: Kari Martinez & Christy Pinkerton-Sweetness & Substance Campaign, or find more information at www.gohomesource.com. Contact Kari Martinez at 760-963-1505 or kari@gohomesource.com, and Christy Pinkerton at 760-954-8608 or Christy@gohomesource.com.

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