Tech Talk: Beating The Heat for Your Computer

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville)– This heat is seriously no joke. Neither is your computer crashing or overheating. With summer already here, you should take some steps to ensure that all your important work, homework, contacts and more are safe from your computer malfunctioning. So here are some tips, especially for this dry, dusty desert heat.

First off, back up your computer. Regularly. I know that you probably hear that a lot, especially from the folks at the electronics stores, but I cannot stress it enough. I have lost three completed yearbooks by not backing up data, and have had to recreate all three from the beginning. So grab a USB external hard drive and back up your data at least once a week. Or back up your data on “the cloud”, i.e. the internet. Google and Microsoft are among hundreds of companies offering back up services online, so it is worth checking out a few as a viable option.

Second, beat that heat! Make sure your computer has plenty of room for ventilation. That goes for desktops and laptops. Having a computer in a confined space can block the airflow from the fan and cause your computer to overheat. If you have a laptop, a chill mat might be worth a look. A chill mat provides extra fans to help keep your laptop cool and operating smoothly. Many of the newer computers today will shut off automatically, but it never hurts to be prepared. Also, a dedicated battery backup is a lifesaver on your computer for when the heat causes a power outage.

Now, something I recommend for living out here in the desert is keeping your computer clean. I don’t mean just the outside. This is mainly for those with a desktop, as dust can build up quite fast inside the case of your computer. I remember the first time I saw my desktop computer opened up: it had a layer of dirt built up on the bottom of the case. A can of compressed air is all you need to get it cleaned up, and it takes literally less than five minutes to do it.

Take care of those computers: it is far too easy to lose them to the desert heat.

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