Victor Valley College Launches Summer 2013 Natural Resource Management Academy

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)– Join us at Victor Valley College this summer, June 19th through July 12th, 2013 to prepare you to be a future manager or technician with the skills and thinking to ensure that we leave a healthy future for our children by registering for the Natural Resource Management Academy.  Our unique local “living laboratory” in the Mojave region will allow students like you to learn how to balance the social, economic and environmental health through the study of sustainable practice in our local region and on the VVC campus.

Several factors have converged to place Victor Valley College (VVC) in a position to be a leader in Natural Resource Management “Green” education.  Our changed economic climate and natural resources have made the Western Mojave the national “epicenter” for Green Development-we lead the USA in Renewable Energy, Sustainable Water Management, Waste Management, Air Quality Management, Habitat Restoration, Conservation and Sustainable Mining.

A Career Technical Education Pathway initiative that begins in high school and ends in a university degree began in March 2010 and has resulted in broad collaboration at VVC and in the community; three Green Pathways; several new industry focused certificates and classes in Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences, Renewable Energy, Geospatial Technology and Natural Resource Management.

Building on a the long standing partnerships with natural resource agencies, industry and several previous workshops, our Summer 2013 Natural Resources Summer Academy provides relevant and innovative learning for local professionals, high school and VVC students.

Structure and Schedule

Brought to you by three Victor Valley College Departments:  Agriculture and Natural Resources, Construction Technology and Political Science; the academy offers three classes:

  • AGNR 74 Conservation and Sustainable Practice A, B, C, D, E will be offered as a “hybrid” of  on-line learning, workshops and field study trips (see below),
  • POLS 206 Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management – online
  • AGNR 170 Environmental Science and Sustainability – online


  • Wednesday June 19, 3-8:30 PM– Introduction to Sustainable Development, Natural Resource Policy, Green Careers and Building, Anthony Bonato, Neville Slade and Dino Bozonelos, VVC
  • Wednesday June 26, 3-8:30 PM- Sustainable Watershed Management presented by industry leaders
  • Wednesday July 3, 3-8.30 PM– Introduction to Restoration, Reclamation and Sustainable Mining Management presented by industry leaders
  • Wednesday July 10, 3-8:30 PM– Sustainable Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Waste/Pollution Management presented by industry leaders

Field Study Trips

  • June 27, 8 AM-5 PM– all day to various sites in the Mojave Watershed-  Waste Water Technology, Invasive Weed/Restoration, Water Recharge, Water Pollution, Nitrate Management, and Sustainable AG
  • July 11,  8 AM-5 PM – all day to various sites in the upper Watershed and Big Bear- Reclamation/Habitat Restoration, Sustainable Forestry, Role of  Natural Resource Management Agencies, Fire Management, and Sustainable Mining

Students can register now via WebAdvisor at and can contact Neville Slade at or Tari Blalock at for more information.

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