Board Votes To Appeal Anti-Cedar Glen Court Ruling

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– The county will continue to fight the state’s efforts to grab $9 million set aside to rebuild fire-ravaged Cedar Glen.

The Board of Supervisors today voted unanimously to appeal a May 27 Sacramento Superior Court ruling that would allow the state to disperse $9 million the county had loaned to the Cedar Glen rebuilding effort.

“That loan was a promise by the county to the people of Cedar Glen,” said Board of Supervisors Chair Janice Rutherford, whose Second District includes Cedar Glen. “The state has no right to claim that money as its own and throw it into the wind. That $9 million could make a real difference in Cedar Glen, and the county will fight to keep its promise.”

When the state abolished redevelopment agencies throughout the state in order to redistribute their funding to various state and local government agencies, it announced its intention to sweep up the $9 million that remained of a $10 million loan the county had made to Cedar Glen in 2005 as if it was redevelopment money.

On February 27, the county filed a lawsuit against the state pointing out the $9 was county money, not redevelopment money, and that it should be returned to the county so it could be invested in Cedar Glen, most of which was destroyed in the 2003 Old Fire.

The $10 million loan to the Cedar Glen Redevelopment Area was intended to help build roads and a new water system needed to allow residents burned out by the Old Fire to rebuild their homes.

The Board of Supervisors on February 12 adopted a resolution reaffirming the county’s commitment to use the funding to rebuild Cedar Glen.

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