Divers Located The Inlet Valve In Lake Gregory For Seismic Safety

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Progress continues to be made in the County’s efforts to preserve and improve Lake Gregory for years to come.

San Bernardino County Regional Parks and Special Districts are working together to comply with a state mandate to reduce the water level of Lake Gregory by 50 percent within seven days.

This mandate is to comply with statewide seismic safety standards in the event of a large scale disaster. The lakeside inlet valve is the outlet thru which water can be released from the lake. On July 24, a dive team from Tetra Tech went to Lake Gregory to find and clear the lake’s inlet valve so reducing the water level could be completed. Under clear skies and calm water, the dive team discovered the inlet valve of the lake is approximately 51 feet deep. Upon locating the inlet, a video camera was inserted and it was clear of debris and muck, meaning the work to reduce the water level can begin without obstacles.

While in the water, the divers attached a buoy to the inlet. The next step will be to place waterproof bladders into the inlet and temporarily plug it up so the repair work to the outlet valves can begin with the state’s approval.

Both Keith Lee, Director of Parks and Jeff Rigney, Director of Special Districts are excited the work on the lake will continue.

“We have been working for the past two years to meet the states mandate of fixing the valves,” Lee said. “With the locating of the outlet, the valve work can get started and the community can be assured of a continued beautiful and seismically safe lake.”

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