Recent Nursing School Graduate Saves Life

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– In most situations, a student has to wait for a period of time before he/she can practice what has been taught in school. In the case of Andrea Wilson, a recent graduate of the Victor Valley College Nursing Program, she got a real-life opportunity to put her knowledge in practice in a life or death situation. After finishing her daily exercise program at the Spring Valley Lake Country Club workout facility, Ms. Wilson noticed a man who had fallen to the floor in another area of the gym who was exhibiting symptoms of sever distress. She dropped to the floor and checked to see if he was breathing. He was exhibiting labored breathing characteristics. She then checked for a pulse, found none, and immediately began to administer CPR. Ms. Wilson hurriedly summoned two life guards who she instructed to continue CPR while she rounded up a strategically shelved in-facility defibrillator. She shocked him once and for a period of moments continued CPR as she was taught. The defibrillator then indicated that another application was needed. When she finished the second application, she felt for a pulse that had returned. The second attempt had been successful. He regained consciousness just as the paramedics arrived. She watched while they carted the man away, talking to the paramedics and not knowing what he had just gone through.

“I couldn’t believe this was happening, “Andrea told the first responders. “He had fallen to the floor and his color wasn’t right, “she relayed. “I reacted to how he was presenting and did what I had to do. I didn’t do this alone. I had great help from two brothers who serve as lifeguards at the clubs pool. Brennan and Jordan Dorsey assisted with CPR while I worked the defibrillator.” She added. Later it was learned that the man was suffering from dehydrations and overexertion.

Ms. Wilson will soon be taking the Registered nursing exam and, once successful, will be seeking a job in the medical field.


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