Being a Responsible Pet Parent-Part One: Small Dogs

Photo by Janice Eck

By Janice Eck

Picture by Janice Eck

(Hesperia)– The Hesperia Animal Shelter is one of 50 shelters across the nation competing in the ASPCA/Rachel Ray 100K Challenge. With $600,000 in grants including a $100,000 grand prize, Hesperia Animal Shelter is working hard to adopt out 100 pets a week through August. On July 12, the Shelter hosted an Open House where all their adoptable pets went to a new home.

Most of the pets available for adoption are dogs and cats. Some are young and some are old and there are major differences in caring for either. In Being a Responsible Pet Parent Series, we will discuss which pet may be right for you and the responsibilities that come with having a pet.

Many people think having a small dog around young children is a good idea, but they do not realize the frailty of small dogs, which often leads to young children being bitten. Children must often be reminded that small dogs like Chihuahuas and Miniature Pinschers are not dolls and must be responsibly treated as pets.  Hesperia Animal Control Supervisor, Suzanne Edson, shed some light in an interview with High Desert Daily, “Small dogs are not as rough and tumble for small children and so they do better in households that are quieter with older people, more adults or older children because that’s not frightening for them. If you have a 2-year old and they run around and aren’t real steady and if they fall on the dog, the little dog gets hurt. Whereas if you got a Golden Retriever and a 2-year old, the Golden Retriever can rough and tumble with a 2-year old all day long and not hurt the dog. And everybody gets along great.”

It is fairly common for a family to go to the animal shelter and fall in love with the tiniest of puppies, but if you have children under the age of 5, you may want to consider saving the life of a larger dog. Keep in mind, small dogs are much more prone to bite when threatened (and even when not threatened). Of course a young child will not willingly hurt a small dog, but the dog does not know that and will protect itself when in perceived danger.

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