Being a Responsible Pet Parent: Thinking About A Cat

Photograph by Janice Eck

By Janice Eck

Photograph by Janice Eck

(Hesperia)– The Hesperia Animal Shelter is one of 50 shelters across the nation competing in the ASPCA/Rachel Ray 100K Challenge. With $600,000 in grants including a $100,000 grand prize, Hesperia Animal Shelter is working hard to adopt out 100 pets a week through August. Most of the pets available for adoption are dogs and cats. Some are young and some are old and there are major differences in caring for either. In Being a Responsible Pet Parent Series, we will discuss which pet may be right for you the responsibilities that come with having a pet.

Many people identify themselves as a cat person or a dog person. Cats are much more independent than dogs, but dogs are full of an unmatched loyalty. If you have been thinking about a cat, here are a few things to consider.

In an interview with High Desert Daily, Suzanne Edson, Hesperia Animal Control Supervisor, gave some insight on having a cat (or cats). “Cats are a little bit more aloof, but they still want to be petted, they want to be touched and they’ll want to cuddle with you. Cats are great for people who like weekend getaways because you don’t have to get boarding for your cat. Typically, if you’re going away for two days, you could give them a nice clean litter box, give them some food and water and they’ll be okay until you get back on Sunday. Whereas, if you have a dog, you’ve got to find somebody to take care of it or you’ve got to find some place to board it or you’ve got to take it with you because a dog won’t be good for two days by itself.”

If you have decided to welcome a cat into your family, it might be a good idea to get your home situated before bringing Whiskers home. Some necessities include food and water bowls, not to mention food (Hesperia Animal Shelter will send a bag of food home with you if adopting from them), litter, litter box, litter scoop, and a few toys to help the family bond with the new kitty. Another tip: keeping a collar and a bell on Whiskers will help keep his trophies out of the house and will help let you know where he is. If you are thinking about keeping Whiskers outside, stay tuned for Part Three.

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