Supervisors Tour Urban Solar

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– On July 10th, Supervisor Ramos and Supervisor Lovingood took a tour of the Southern California Edison rooftop solar program in Redlands. Currently, the County is developing a renewable energy component to incorporate into its General Plan.

This particular project, which covers an area equivalent to 21 acres, has the ability to provide power to over 3,000 households. During this tough economic climate, these projects help our local economy by creating short-term construction jobs.

“As we look to amend our General Plan, we believe it is important to include urban solar projects in the discussion on renewable energy so that the burden of providing resources for solar energy does not fall solely on our desert communities,” stated Supervisor Ramos.

While the County enters the planning stages of the development of a renewable energy component, Supervisor Ramos has been out in the desert communities to gather input and local perspective from key local stakeholders.  He remains committed to being a voice for the residents of our deserts throughout this process.

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