Adelanto Elementary School District Kicks Off New School Year

By Staff Reports

(Adelanto)– The first day of school for Adelanto students may not be until Wednesday, but the teachers, staff and administrators of the elementary and middle schools in the district started their year with a high energy rally Monday morning. Greeting colleagues with hugs and smiles after a summer apart, nearly the entire staff of the Adelanto Elementary School District turned out to the event at Mesa Linda Middle School.

Everyone, from janitors and cafeteria workers to teachers, aides and principals, received a bright yellow shirt with the Districts unofficial motto on the back: Bee the Hope, followed by an inspirational verse: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” The jampacked auditorium was awash in yellow shirts and enthusiasm while a live band played from the stage, creating a positive, uplifting background. Students also jumped on the “bee” bandwagon as they performed a dance in bee costumes to Flight of the Bumble Bee (and a little Michael Jackson “Gotta Be Starting Something” in honor of the new school year.)

Teachers, principals and staff looked forward to the new year and the ability to serve students more fully with new leadership and the new Common Core Standards. Shellee Zillner, a 5th grade teacher at Adelanto Elementary School, said, “I am looking forward to teaching the Common Core Standards, because it is teaching the students to think for themselves.”

Melanie Caven, a first grade teacher at Morgan Kincaid Elementary is excited about the shift in leadership and attitude throughout the district. “There is a lot of positive energy this year, and I think it trickles down from the District and our new superintendent, Dr. DeBlieux, to the teachers and through to the students. They are just going to be re-energized and excited about coming to school, excited about learning.”

Over breakfast, the employees of the District took stock of the important role they play in their students’ lives, the partnership that is formed between families, teachers, and administrators, and the power of collaboration. As they make final preparations for the arrival of their students on Wednesday, teachers and staff at each of the 12 elementary and middle schools will continue to look toward the 2013-2014 school year as a year of hope.

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