Business Spotlight: ISU Insurance Services ARMAC Agency

ISU Insurance Services ARMAC Agency CEO Ryan McEachron and President Tami Pickens-Photograph by Nolan P. Smith

By Nolan Patrick Smith

High Desert Daily

(Victorville)— Insurance can be a daunting task for anyone: where to go, what amount of coverage does one need. There is a lot that goes into choosing the right insurance, whether its for your family, your business, or a little of both. Luckily, the High Desert has a company that has been in the community for over 50 years, a company they can trust to find the right insurance; from health, commercial, auto, home and more: ISU Insurance Services ARMAC Agency.

“My granddad, Gordon McEachron, started the insurance agency in Apple Valley back in 1962,” said ISU CEO Ryan McEachron as he explained the history of ISU and what services they have to offer. “Over the years, and through sales and purchases, we have become what we are today, and that is ISU Insurance Services ARMAC Agency. We have approximately 20 employees that work with us besides the family members that are a part of the organization. We do everything from employee benefits which includes group medical, life, dental, vision, to individual health policies and life insurance, as well as the full spectrum of commercial insurance including worker’s compensation, professional liability, general liability, commercial auto, and also personal insurance, which includes homeowners, personal auto, recreational vehicles, RV’s: that type of thing. We’re, what we would refer to in our business, a full service agency, because we handle all lines of insurance, whether it be for your professional or personal needs, or your medical needs.”

There’s a plethora of advantages when going with a local agent at ISU versus one at one of the larger organizations. “I think the difference that an independent agent brings to the table is that we have the ability to not just shop with one company, like Progressive,” said McEachron. “We have Safeco, we have Travelers, we have CSC, we have a number of companies we have appointments with and so it allows us to look for the best price, provide the best service, we can make recommendations where if you are just going to one particular insurance company, what we call captive agents with the State Farms, the Allstates, the Farmers of the world, they can’t really offer you choices. They’re writing with their own company, where we’re writing with a couple of different companies. We provide that benefit to the everyday consumers who are looking to meet their insurance needs.”

When people think of insurance, there are sometimes negative connotations associated with it, as McEachron explains the “evil” of insurances. “A lot of people refer to insurance as a “necessary evil”, but at the end of the day it does provide a benefit if you ever do have a loss: to restore your vehicle, rebuild your home, provide coverage for injured workers if its Worker’s Compensation, or even in the medical world. I think that a lot of people don’t like paying for insurance, but at the end of the day it is one of those things that makes sense to have as it provides a protection in case something does happen.

The ISU Insurance Services ARMAC Agency Office in Victorville. Photo by Nolan P. Smith.

Of course, when driving around the Victor Valley, everyone is bound to see the sign wavers with insurance for incredible low prices; how are those prices possible? McEachron sheds some light on the situation. “If you drive around, you can see other companies waving signs giving you prices of 29.95 cents a month and that type of thing. The reality is that is never the case. Usually what you will find is that those type of companies will charge broker fees to get you into the policy you need, or they might tack on additional fees. That’s one of the things we don’t do here at our office.”

ISU Insurance Services ARMAC currently has around 8,000 clients throughout the High Desert. The mix of their clients is approximately 40% personal line clients, 30% is what is referred as commercial line accounts, and the other 30% is the benefits division.

For more information on ISU Insurance Services ARMAC, as well as to request quotes, visit ISU online at or call the Victorville office at (760) 241-7900.

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