Mojave Desert Makes National Geographic’s 100 Unforgettable Destinations

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– In a National Geographic special publication titled The World’s Most Beautiful Places, the Mojave Desert was named as one of 100 unforgettable destinations.  Included along with such iconic places as Paris, Rome and the Amazon Rainforest, the Mojave Desert is praised for its vast and immaculate landscape.

“Far from the madding metropolitan crowds of Las Vegas and Los Angeles that surround it, the Mojave Desert offers the balm of silence and solitude. Canyons, giant mesas, mountains, towering dunes, and vast, dust-dry plains make up one of North America’s most elemental landscapes. It is a world little touched by humans, save for the odd crumbling mine or homestead, but one which nature adorns with the beauty of the Joshua tree and spring’s brief-lived wildflowers,” the article stated.

Supervisor Ramos was thrilled to learn of this high praise of the Mojave Desert. “It speaks volumes of the prominence of our desert when it’s recognized by a prestigious magazine like National Geographic.  As residents of the County of San Bernardino, I hope you all feel proud of this stunning land that you call home,” he commented. “It should also serve as a reminder of the difficult task and duty we all face in protecting the pristine conditions of our desert for future generations to enjoy.”

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