State Of The County Gives Victorville Chamber Members A Glimpse Into New Partnerships

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)– Today’s Chamber VMI – State of the County was standing room only as Supervisor Robert Lovingood addressed members on a more focused/business friendly county.

Lovingood acknowledged that he ran on creating jobs, and that is still the focus. “You can’t just snap a finger and create jobs,” he said. Lovingood has talked to many companies that agree with the opportunities presented in locating to this county. Lovingood is also heartened by the unparalleled support and partnerships growing with all supervisors working for a joint outcome of prosperity for California.

CEO Greg Devereaux got laughs and agreements when he stated his main focus is ” to get the hell out of the way” of businesses that come to do business in San Bernardino County. A major effort is being made to “help” not hinder business with county/state regulations and compliance.

Sheriff McMahon talked about programs being run that target fixing the perceptions of the County. A 3-week old program, started in San Bernardino, that reduces panhandling, has already showed great success and is in the works to be implemented in the High Desert. McMahon is also working on trying to staff the prisons, for as he put it, “we must have a place to hold the criminals we arrest.”

Assistant District Attorney Fermin noted that one of the biggest ways to help businesses is with workers comp fraud. Fermin stated that when businesses receive a high workers comp bill, it sometimes makes the difference between a business growing or closing.

Executive Director of SANBAG Wolf informed the audience on SANBAG and Measure I projects that will be implemented well into 2040. Wolf drew a round of applause for the progress made on the Yucca Loma Corridor and the Ranchero Rd. Interchange. Supervisor Lovingood concluded by thanking Supervisor Ramos, fellow speakers, and county employees who have all taken on the mantra of “together as one.” As Supervisor Lovingood put it, ” If we unite together, we are 400,000 strong, rather than individual cities of 30,000.” A much more promising number to attract new businesses and jobs.

Those that attended this morning meeting know that we had a little excitement in the program with a minor medical emergency. Thanks to all that called with concerns.  Angela, manager at Athena Jean’s has been at the hospital with her. This is an ongoing medical condition, though it had been under control for the past year. She is resting while tests are run. She was very moved when employees from Armstrong-Fairway Insurance (that were seated at the same table this morning) stopped by the hospital with a bouquet of flowers.

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