Apple Valley Animal Services Gives Sonic the Pit Bull a Second Chance with Cesar Millan

Picture provided by Apple Valley Animal Services

By Janice Eck

(Apple Valley)– With millions of dogs and cats getting euthanized every year, you will seldom find a story with a happy ending for pets who do not get adopted out of animal shelters; however, Sonic, a three year old, 96 pound blue Pit Bull was lucky enough to end up at Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center with the help of his friends at Apple Valley Animal Services (AVAS).

In an interview with High Desert Daily, Christie Gonzales explained how AVAS acquired Sonic and two other dogs from the same location, “When we showed up, there was a two year-old and a six year-old. No parents on the premises in a house full of marijuana, so obviously, you knew there was going to be trouble. Instead of just taking one, we had to take them all because there was no one to take custody of the dogs.”

At AVAS, Sonic had his own kennel, but when space became scarce, he was kenneled with one of the dogs he was seized with. After observation, the staff decided they were safe together, but a fight erupted the next morning where both dogs were injured. AVAS had to now consider whether Sonic would ever be suitable for a new owner. Gonzales explained, “Because of the severity of the fight, there were some decisions to be made. Is Sonic going to be fit for adoption or rescue because he’s going to need someone who could work with him and you don’t want just somebody because he’s a big, huge, powerful dog.”

That is when Gonzales began reaching out to the Cesar Millan Foundation. After various steps, Millan finally agreed to meet Sonic only for an evaluation. There was no guarantee Millan would take him, but Gonzales thought it was worth a try, “You take a long shot. You think, ‘we’ll see if it works,’ but you’ve got to try. If there’s an ounce of hope, you’ve got to try anyway. Fortunately, it worked out for him.”

Sonic is now at the Dog Psychology Center where he is being rehabilitated. After rehabilitation is complete, Sonic will be available for adoption at the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center.  Gonzales is especially happy for Sonic because, “He’ll turn into an example of a bad situation that could turn into something better.”

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