An Old Girl Scout Cleans Litter Through Adopt-a-Street in Victorville

Photo by Janice Eck

By Janice Eck

(Victorville)-For 27 years, Sandy Butler has been picking up litter while walking her kids to school or her dogs up and down her street, so when the City of Victorville implemented the Adopt-a-Street Program a few years ago, she was thrilled. Butler shared her enthusiasm in an interview with High Desert Daily, “I was really glad when I saw Victorville started doing it. Then when the park went in, I wanted to hurry up and get that street, Eucalyptus. I said we really have to clean this street up now. So that’s when I adopted the street. I found out at City Hall how to do it. I got a sign, but I didn’t put my name on it.”

Wanting only the recognition of someone adopting the street, Butler explained why she chose “An Old Girl Scout” for her sign instead of her name. “I wanted to let people know no matter what age you are, you could still help.” As a girl scout, she learned the importance of community service and giving back to the community. Butler explained that she loved picking up trash because it kept her neighborhood clean, but also talked about how it was a service to her community, “It’s a chance to help out the city. Don’t complain, just do something about it. Litter is not nice to see. I don’t like it when the kids walk to school and litter. That’s terrible. All you have to do is pick it up.”

The City of Victorville requires adopters to pick-up trash at least four times a year, but Butler is out at least once a month. In the three years Butler has been officially picking up litter, she has collected over 225 bags worth of trash all by herself. The big open field nearbySunset Ridge Park and the park itself are major sources for the litter. With all the fast food people bring to the park, it is easy for litter to make its way down her street and since Butler loves to see her street clean, she is out picking up litter as much as possible.

For more information on City of Victorville’s Adopt-a-Street Program, visit .

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