Violence Prevention Specialist Presents Bully-Proof Seminar to Local School District Students and Parents

By Staff Reports

(Hesperia)– Brandon Hastings, owner of White Tiger Martial Arts, in Hesperia CA, is preparing to hold a Bully Proofing Seminar, “Building Character in Our Schools, Not Bullies,” to students and parents at White Tiger Martial Arts and our community at 8104 I Ave. Unit A Hesperia CA on September 7th from 10am to 12pm.

Brandon Hastings, owner of White Tiger Martial Arts, in Hesperia CA, proclaims “Having been bullied as a child, I understand why children who have been bullied experienced severe reactions to the abuse,” Hastings. “In fact, studies show that 77% of students are bullied, mentally, verbally and physically; and 14% of those reacted badly, which is why approximately 160,000 students miss school every day, for fear of being bullied.

“Fortunately, I learned anti-bully techniques and how to defend myself. My interest in personal safety led to my career as a professional violence-prevention expert and martial artist,” added Hastings. “Now, I am able to contribute my knowledge and join with parents, school officials and community leaders to help solve or de-fuse any violent behavior in our local school district.”

According to Hastings, his Bully-Proof presentation includes many important topics and practical tips that even young students can understand and put into action. These include learning how to be more aware of one’s surroundings and assessing threatening situations before they occur and avoiding them, as well as anti-abduction and Internet predator techniques and general safety in the home, at school, on a bike, at Halloween, etc.

“I think that the most important way my seminar benefits children is in developing character, as the title implies,” said Hastings. “Greater confidence and self-esteem, learning to conquer feelings of fear and having a positive attitude are the most potent ‘weapons’ in the fight against bullies and violence in our schools.

“Part of personal safety is also self-defense training, so a child is able to fend off a bully or attack, and escape,” said Hastings. “Children are never taught to fight a bully aggressively, but use physical techniques to defend themselves and then run for help. The physical fitness benefits of self-defense training also help children be stronger, more fit, reduce weight and improve motor skills, so they’re better prepared for any situation.”

Master Brandon Hastings is reaching out to anybody who will benefit from this Bully Proofing Seminar. “If your interested in how to sign up for our seminar please call us at 760-947-0069”. Hastings concluded.

White Tiger Martial Arts  promotes and strives for the highest standards of age-appropriate curriculum, leadership training, child safety and security, business integrity and professional ethics.

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