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ARMAC Insurance Agency Shares the Benefits of Giving

ARMAC Insurance Agency Shares the Benefits of Giving

4 years ago

ISU Insurance Services ARMAC Agency CEO Ryan McEachron and President Tami Pickens-Photograph by Nolan P. Smith

By Janice Eck

(Victor Valley)– With the holidays just around the corner, gift-giving and giving thanks will be on everyone’s mind in no time. Businesses around the High Desert give all throughout the year and ARMAC Insurance Agency is no stranger to giving to charities who benefit the community on a local level as well as international.

ARMAC Insurance Agency has been serving the High Desert community for over 50 years and currently has about 8,000 clients throughout the High Desert where they have helped choose the right insurance whether for family, business or both.  ARMAC is a company everyone can trust to find the right insurance.

Ryan McEachron, CEO of ARMAC Insurance Agency, spoke to High Desert Daily about the impact he has had personally through charitable giving, “I think it’s something that we all should be doing. It’s highly rewarding to see people’s lives change as a result of what we are able to give back either through volunteering or monetarily and our organization, our staff, get to see the rewards of that as well and understand that it’s not always about the bottom line, but also about giving back as a result of what you’re able to make. What we strive to do is give back where we can and as much as we can as well as run a successful organization.”

One of the methods ARMAC uses to contribute is through their insurance policies. For every policy that is written, $5 is donated to Orphan’s Promise, which then is matched by ARMAC for a total of $10 going toward Orphan’s Promise to help provide food, shelter, health programs and mentoring to orphaned children around the world.

Many people would like to benefit the community, but don’t have extra cash to spare. Monetary donations are not the sole method of giving. McEachron touches on other ways to contribute, “I think a lot of is monetary, but a lot of the folks here in the office over the years have given their time and talent to many different organizations. We try to encourage our staff to give back in other ways by volunteering in non-profit organizations here in the High Desert.” Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community and all it costs is your time.

Whether it is volunteering at the animal shelter, donating blood, giving monetary donations or the plethora of other ways to give, people have a greater sense of self-worth because the well-being of the community is being promoted as McEachron explains, “I think it’s beneficial not only for myself personally, but to my family because this is a family-owned business as well, as to our employees and staff because they get to see the benefits of what all the good work we do here just running an organization and a business and the ability to contribute back to our own community and to the international community and how that benefits others.”

If there has been a charity or organization that has been on your mind, why not reach out and let them know how you would like to support them? Everyone appreciates a helping hand.

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