Greiner Buick GMC Drives Community Spirit with Giving


By Janice Eck

(Victorville)– The High Desert is full of businesses and individuals who donate their time or money to charities that better the community and with the holidays coming quickly upon us, giving maybe on your mind as well. Greiner Buick GMC, located in Victorville, is an excellent example of a High Desert business that supports its community by giving back as much as they can when they can.

In an interview, David Greiner, President of Greiner Buick GMC, tells High Desert Daily about why charitable giving in the High Desert is so important to him, “I think it’s a good idea to give to these charities because it strengthens the fabric of the entire community. It keeps the ties and binds all the residents together. We’re a small community. We have to take care of each other because no one’s going to come from the outside and take care of us.”

Greiner Buick GMC has given significant monetary donations to over 60 organizations this year including St. Mary’s Foundation, Victor Valley Chamber Foundation, and High Desert Marines, to name a few. Greiner explains why they chose to give to many organizations instead of a single one, “Our philosophy on giving and charity is that we don’t like to commit to just one charity. We want to give a substantial amount to as many charities as we can support financially. The logic behind all the giving we do is because the community supports us so it’s our obligation to support the community. We’re one of the few locally-owned car dealerships left and we’re very thankful for everything the community has given us.”

A monetary donation is not the only way to give to the charity you want to help. Greiner talks about how volunteering gives a greater sense of community, “Volunteerism is extremely important especially in a community this size because there are a lot of needs and we don’t have nearly enough people to serve them all.

In our community, you’ll find a lot of people have to wear a lot of hats and be in a lot of different committees and volunteer because of the lack of volunteers, but the more people volunteer, the more ownership they’ll have of their community and that’s something that’s really important.”

Charity giving, whether through monetary donations or volunteering is a great way to give back to the High Desert. If you have a favorite cause or you are looking for a charity in the High Desert to give to or volunteer at, Greiner suggests contacting the Academy for Grassroots Organizations and describes it as a “Nonprofit that organizes nonprofits.” Visit or call them at 760-949-2930.

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