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An Introduction to the Academy for Grassroots Organizations

An Introduction to the Academy for Grassroots Organizations

4 years ago


By Janice Eck

(Phelan)– There may be many people out in the High Desert who want to be of service to the community, but do not know where to start. Whether you want to give backpacks to under privileged children or have a passion for serving those in need, the Academy for Grassroots Organizations (Academygo) is a great place to start. Academygo could help your nonprofit get a start or get you connected to people who already share your passion.

In an interview with High Desert Daily, Vici Nagel, CEO of the Academy for Grassroots Organizations, explained the purpose of the nonprofit organization, “Our mission is to strengthen the nonprofit sector. We work to organize nonprofits, but our key function is to train people in the nonprofit sector and point them in the direction of resources and skills they need to run their organizations.”

Vici Nagel, CEO of the Academy for Grassroots Organizations.

Vici Nagel, CEO of the Academy for Grassroots Organizations.

Academygo bases their training in grant writing and fundraising both of which helps nonprofits achieve a level of understanding that will greatly support and embolden various organizations as Nagel tells High Desert Daily, “We help make organizations that are helping people stronger. We help organizations raise money to provide services. We teach them how to do the things they need to do.”

With so many nonprofits already in existence and so many more being created every day, many nonprofits are competing against one another for funding. There is only so much money being raised, especially here in the High Desert, that it is very important to know what is already out there. If you have an idea for giving goods or providing services, there is a good chance your idea is already in the works. The High Desert has a very caring community and Academygo can lead you to the organization that shares your idea as explained by Nagel, “We really try to encourage people to work within current entities, so if they have a new idea, if they have a passion to serve in a particular way, we do encourage them to find organizations that are already doing those kinds of things and then being an add-on rather than creating something that might be a duplicate to. Our organization is a great way to find other organizations and see who’s doing what.”

Academygo is always eager to lend a helping hand to those who want to help. With a network of more than 150 members throughout San Bernardino County and the Inland Empire, your vision will be seen and your questions answered.  Be sure to visit www.academygo.com for valuable resources and information regarding nonprofits.

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