VVWRA Sub Regional Project Recommended for $1.5 Million State Grant

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Department of Water Resources (DWR) funding recommendations include $1.5 million for the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority’s (VVWRA) Subregional Treatment Plants, announced officials from the Mojave Water Agency (MWA) and VVWRA.

The VVWRA proposal is among 22 submissions slated to receive a share of $131.1 million in Proposition 84 funding that is earmarked to assist local public agencies to meet long-term water needs.

According to MWA Board President Kimberly Cox, the treatment plants were identified as key projects in the 2004 Mojave Integrated Regional Water Management Plan. “The construction of these subregional treatment plants will expand the use of recycled water in the Victor Valley, playing an important role in developing the region’s long-term water supply portfolio.”

The two Subregional Water Recycling plants proposed for the Town of Apple Valley and the City of Hesperia use a process that scalps liquids from the current collection system and treat and reuse that water for irrigation of community parks, schools, and commercial developments. The water produced at these facilities meet some of the strictest regulations in the country and will be conveyed through “purple pipe,” which is used in other communities all over Southern California.

“The recycled water supplied by these plants is a vital drought-proof resource that will further bolster the Victor Valley’s water supply needs far into the future,” said Logan Olds, VVWRA’s General Manager. “The fact that we’re wasting millions of gallons of precious drinking water every year to irrigate landscaping is a practice that simply cannot continue, especially in a desert.”

The plants will be able to recycle one million gallons per day (MGD) each when built, and have the potential in the future to recycle up to four MGD — enough to offset the potable water usage of nearly 9,000 High Desert homes.

The projects have already received $2 million in federal grant money from the Bureau of Reclamation and are applying for an additional $3 million in the next few months.

A public comment meeting is set for October 7 at noon in Sacramento to review the recommended projects. The meeting will be held at the CalEPA Building, located at 1001 I Street, Sacramento, CA.

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