Start Smart Class


By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– Apple Valley Sheriff’s Station, in collaboration with the California Highway Patrol, is now making Start Smart classes available in the Town of Apple Valley. The first class will be held November 26th, 2013 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Town of Apple Valley Conference Center located at 14975 Dale Evans Pkwy., Apple Valley.

This is a unique two-hour class designed by the California Highway Patrol to help your teen driver Start Smart.  The class is made available to teens, accompanied by a parent, at no cost.  The class will discuss important issues such as:

Tips to avoid collisions

Safe driving habits

Dynamics of a collision

Consequences of a poor choice behind the wheel of a vehicle

Testimonies of people tragically impacted by incidents involving teen drivers

Parental roles and responsibilities

Legal ramifications and civil liabilities affecting teen drivers and their parents

The Victorville office of the California Highway Patrol currently offers this class to High Desert residents on a monthly basis.  In an effort to reach Apple Valley citizens and possibly accommodate more schedules, Apple Valley Sheriff’s Station is teaming up with the CHP to make this class available here in the Town of Apple Valley. Some automobile insurance companies may offer a discount for teens who attend a Start Smart class.

If you are interested in attending the class, please contact Crime Prevention Officer Karen Hunt at 760-240-7400.

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