White Tiger Martial Arts Helps Local Schools With Backpack Drive


By Nolan P. Smith

(Hesperia)—White Tiger Martial Arts held a backpack drive, which led to 100 backpacks being gathered and made ready for school. The schools receving the backpacks include Kingston Elementary, Ranchero, LaVerne, Crystal, Sultana, Carmel, Juniper, Joshua, Mesa Grande, and Lime Street.

Brandon Hastings, Master Instructor/Owner of White Tiger Martial Arts, told High Desert Daily about how this opportunity came to be.  “I was sitting down and speaking with Mr. Pleschea, who happended to be the Vice Principal at Kingston Elementary School at the time and I was trying to come up with some community service events so that I could help students with things that they really needed. As we were throwing ideas around, Mr. Plescha mentioned a school supply drive to acquire ready for school backpacks.

Hastings spoke on the distribution side of the drive, “Because you know, lets say, families try to hide it because they are embarrased sometimes, so the kid will lose his backpack and then he will come to school and won’t have it. The teacher will say “hey, where’s your backpack” and they’ll call home and the parents will say it got lost or stolen and they can’t replace it until my next paycheck which is three weeks away. Well, the student doesn’t have to wait three weeks, they can just send them to the office quietly and the office can supply them with a backpack so they don’t spend a bunch of time without one. Or if they never end up getting one they can give them one.”

White Tiger Martial Arts has been effectively producing a positive change in the High Desert community on a daily basis for the past 14 years. They have been involed in numerous community events and have helped tremendously change the future of many young children, adults, and every age in between. The main goal at White Tiger Martial Arts is simply put in their Student Creed, ” I will develop self-discipline and true confidence through knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body. I will use what I learn in class constructively and defensively to help myself and my community. I will not be abbusive or offensive. We are White Tiger Martial Arts, we are motivated, we are dedicated, we take pride in ourselves and our school.” Each Family Karate student must memorize our student creed before moving foreward in our program.

One of the most important attributes of the school is family protection. Like many martial arts schools, the acutal application of the physical techniques do little to stop an attacker. Their techniques are for real life situations that actually work and have been proven. They don’t just create great Martial Artists, they produce captivating achievers and Students with Leadership excellence.

Hastings added, “To sum it up, we are the BLACK BELT school and you should expect nothing less than admireable excellence.”

For more information on White Tiger Martial Arts, feel free to visit them online at http://mywtma.net or cgive them a call at (760) 947-0069.

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