Senator Knight’s Measure Recognizes, Values Veterans’ Homes in California


By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Senator Steve Knight (R-Antelope Valley) introduced Senate Bill (SB) 842 today, which authorizes the Department of Transportation (CalTrans) to erect directional signs along the state highway system for each Veterans’ Home of California upon receiving funds from non-state sources to cover the cost.

The California Department of Veterans Affairs currently maintains eight veterans’ homes, two of which were recently completed and will begin admitting residents in late fall 2014. These homes, ranging from 60-1,000 residents, provide long-term care, comprehensive services, and social activities to veterans who are more than 55 years old, or disabled, and honorably discharged from active military service. Of these eight homes, three currently have the highway signage that provides assistance to incoming visitors.

These homes provide California veterans with a living environment that protects their dignity and contributes to their feeling of self-reliance and self-worth. The signs will be instrumental in properly identifying the veterans’ homes,” said Senator Knight.

Under current law, the Legislature must pass a Resolution to procure signage for veterans’ homes. SB 842 would streamline the signage process, delegating the task to district CalTrans offices without having to pass individual Resolutions through the legislative process, saving taxpayers time and money. There will be no cost to the taxpayer to put up the signs, as is the current law. Funds for these projects will be raised privately to meet the appropriate cost set forth by CalTrans.

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