Taylion High Desert Academy Offers Free CAHSEE Prep Tutoring Classes

Photo by Nolan P. Smith.

Taylion High Desert Academy’s Martin Votruba and Will Niemeyer. Photo by Nolan P. Smith.

By Nolan P. Smith

(Victorville)— Starting today and continuing next Saturday, Taylion High Desert Academy will be offering free California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Prep Tutoring classes. The classes are open to all students, regardless of the school they are enrolled in.

The tutoring will be held at Taylion’s new site, located at 14196 Amargosa Road, Suite C in Victorville, and will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on January 18th and 25th. What is the California High School Exit Exam? We spoke to the two individuals conducting the tutoring, Martin Votruba, Lead Teacher at the new site, and Will Niemeyer, Student Support Specialist, about the test and the challenges it can pose.

“The California High School Exit Exam, CAHSEE for short, is an exam all 10th graders take, and it is to show that they have proficiency and mastery over the English language and Mathematics,” said Votruba. “So when they graduate from high school, they are successful, functioning adults and they have the minimum skills they need to function in the real world.”

The CAHSEE can be daunting task to complete, yet a necessary one for students working towards their High School Diploma. For many, this is due to test anxiety. What can students do to make taking the test less unnerving?

“I think a lot of test anxiety is brought on from not being comfortable with the subject matter that they are working with,” said Votruba. “I think if the students build up a confidence and practice, their self-esteem and confidence will go up and that will reduce the test anxiety. Many of these students have the skills to pass the test; they just need a little bit of polish to get them into the proficient area.”

Niemeyer described it in reference to something many of us stress over: a job interview. “Imagine when you have a job interview and the difference between going in a little scared and the outcome of that, versus going in not overly confident, but going in knowing that you believe in yourself. Math test taking can be a lot like that. If a student has had a hard time with the test, maybe they need to re-assess their mental state going in. That has a lot to do with the outcome of math tests.”

Tutoring starts at 10 a.m. this Saturday at Taylion’s newest location: 14196 Amargosa Road in Victorville. For more information on the CAHSEE Prep Tutoring and about Taylion High Desert Academy, feel free to call (760) 246-3344 or visit Taylion online at www.taylionhighdesert.com.

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