Workers Comp “Job Killer” Bill Leaves Employers Worse Off Than Before 2012 Reforms


By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– A California Chamber of Commerce-opposed “job killer” bill that severely undercuts the workers’ compensation reform deal agreed to by labor unions and employers in 2012 and would result in dramatic cost increases to California employers will be heard in the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee today, January 15. SB 626 leaves California employers worse off than they were before the reforms. Not only will they face pre-reform escalating costs; they will be burdened by an additional $1 billion in benefit increases with no expectation that this cost will be offset by projected system savings.

SB 626 is a giant step backwards for California employers during the current fragile economic recovery.  Additionally, SB 626 reverses a bipartisan labor-employer compromise.  These types of agreements between key stakeholders that enjoy overwhelmingly bipartisan approval should be encouraged and protected, not attacked and diluted.

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